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Many of my clients come to me for support with common health and wellbeing complaints. I believe that diet and exercise can have a positive impact on many mental and physical health issues and tailor my 1:1 training programmes to benefit the individual.


Did you know that according to statistics published by Diabetes UK, up to 58% of Type 2 Diabetes cases can be delayed or prevented through a healthy lifestyle? I work with many diabetic clients focusing on their exercise regime as well as their diet and nutrition. If you suffer from Diabetes get in touch today and let’s work together to make lifestyle improvements that will directly benefit your health.

Back Pain

The ONS (Office for National Statistics) quoted that 34 million sick days were taken in the UK in 2016 due to musculoskeletal problems including back pain, neck pain and upper limb issues. Back pain is a common complaint whether caused through injury, illness or lifestyle. I work with many clients to improve core strength and create bespoke exercise plans that increase mobility and flexibility whilst decreasing back pain and discomfort.


Pregnancy can put a significant strain on the body, especially the lower back. Many of my clients want to exercise throughout their pregnancy to remain fit and healthy and alleviate some of the discomfort that can increase with each trimester. I am qualified in pre and postnatal exercise and can help clients to workout safely during each stage of their pregnancy.


Many women are keen to enjoy the benefits of exercise after having a baby. Whether you’re keen to return to your original dress size, enjoy an hour or so to yourself or focus on repairing damage caused to your body from pregnancy and childbirth, I can assist. I am qualified in pre and postnatal exercise, offering safe and effective routines to benefit your body and your overall wellbeing.


Obesity statistics in the UK are on the rise, in children as well as in adults. Those who have been diagnosed as obese often find it hard to know where to start or face environments like a gym or exercise class. I work with many clients that are tackling obesity, delivering holistic lifestyle changes that provide gradual and long-term results. Quick fixes and fad diets don’t last – I work to evaluate and improve people’s lifestyles as whole, educating my clients to make the right choices.

Osteoporosis causes bones to become less dense and therefore more fragile. It can occur naturally as part of the ageing process but can also be caused by factors such as early menopause, medication, thyroid problems, bone cancer, poor nutrition and more. Diet and exercise can play a huge part in the prevention and protection of weakening bones, using the right foods and weight bearing exercise methods to fight back at osteoporosis.


Exercise can help arthritis sufferers in many ways – it can work in improve mobility and flexibility, increase strength, reduce pain, combat fatigue and more. Regardless of where your arthritis is in your body, I can create bespoke exercise programmes that take into account individual restrictions and conditions, helping to improve overall health and wellbeing.


Evidence shows that specific programmes for improving strength and balance can reduce the risk of falls by as much as 55 per cent. If all over-65s followed a tailored exercise programme, we would prevent 7,000 unnecessary deaths a year – 19 a day – from hip fractures alone.

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